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Live Soul, Funk and R&B
from Austin Texas


We are SO excited to bring you Superfónicos Afro Colombian Funk Band! A very lively dynamic band from Austin Texas fusing Afro Colombian funk and Caribe soul, Superfónicos is a fruitful source of lush licks and rhythm sure to make you want to dance! Bound together by an advocacy for peace and unity through therapeutic dance, they have been featured on Balcony TV and are playing the second weekend of ACL Fest 2018.

Watch Michaux TV Season 2 Episode 2 on YouTube

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Original air date October 22, 2018

Big Wy's Brass Band

We are SO excited to bring you Big Wy’s Brass Band, a New Orleans Style Funk and Jazz band! Big Wy's is the combination of traditional New Orleans music and raw modern brass. Similar to the sounds of No !BS Brass Band, The Soul Rebels, and Rebirth Brass Band, Big Wy's brings unprecedented hype to Austin's funk shores. The group has had much success over the past two years having performed IGA International Festival de Jazz 2017 (Guatemala tour), Promising Artists of The 21st Century Tour of Costa Rica 2017 (Costa Rica tour), Official SXSW Artists 2018, Waterloo Music Festival, Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival, COTA Grand Prix 2016 - 2018, Honk!TX Brass Band Festival 2015-2018, Austin Chronicle Swamp Thing Fest 2015-2017, TEDxyouth@Austin 2018 and this years ACL Music Festival as Deep Fried Brass, the horn section for Mamafesta. 

Watch Michaux TV Season 2 Episode 3 on YouTube

Watch Michaux TV Season 2 Episode 3 on Facebook

Original air date November 26, 2018

Michaux TV Season 2 is here with a Special Treat! Cousins!

19 yr old Amirah Tiye's amazing soulful singing (wish I sang this good at 19!) and Nubia Emmon's incredible Hip Hop swag hits with an Old School punch! Backed by their platinum producer uncles with Carnival Beats Soul Band the extremely talented Williams Family will quench your thirst for 90’s Hip Hop AND Classic Soul. Enjoy!!

Watch Michaux TV Season 2 Episode 1 on YouTube

Watch Michaux TV Season 2 Episode 1 on Facebook

Original air date April 27, 2018

Christmas Special - Season 1 finale 

It’s a FUNKY & SOULFUL Christmas y’all!! We bring you a new collection of super funky & sweet shimmery takes on the standards you already know and love! 

We feature a really funky version of "Little Drummer Boy," a sweet, soulful, shimmery, jazzy version of "Silent Night," a proper rendition of Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas," then a fresh new take on "The Christmas Song" ("Chestnuts") that's really in the pocket, and finally a wild, crazy P-Funk remake of "White Christmas," aptly renamed "Funky Christmas," finishes up our wild sleigh ride!  Merry Christmas everyone, see you soon in season 2! 

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 11 on YouTube

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 11 on Facebook

Original air date December 15,  2017


Happy Funky Friday, It's Flyjack on Michaux TV! So hop on into our '72 Eldorado baby, we're taking you on an early 70's Rare Groove, Soul and Deep Funk wild ride! Flyjack, an Austin Texas Funk sensation, plays the tunes made famous by hip-hop artists. You've heard the sample, now hear the whole tune live! First we bring you Black Water Gold, a killer groove originaly performed by African Music Machine in 1973. Flyjack's Black Water Gold was featured on the tastemaking Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show on the BBC in the UK – gaining the ear of several influential DJs and musicians in the UK deep soul scene. Next it's the hard driving Soulful Proclamation, originally by Messengers Incorporated in 1970.  We then slide on into a version of Ain't it Funky Now that would make James Brown proud!  Flyjack completes their early 70's majic carpet ride with The Outlaw Gang's Funky Fast Bump. Can ya dig it??  Well Right On!!

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 10 on YouTube

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 10 on Facebook

Original air date November 24, 2017

Michaux TV Highlights

Today on Michaux TV we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite moments and introducing you to a VERY special surprise guest.  So strap on your highest platform shoes, grab some popcorn and boogie on down with us! Be sure to watch until the end to see some hilarious bloopers/outtakes where we give you a peek at the crazy antics that happen on the Michaux TV set!  In this episode, we highlight: Micah Shalom & the Babylonians - World D-Soul Davis - Don't Change Your Mind Michaux - Resti 2 tion Tomar & the FC's - I Understand You Boogaloo - Hard Times

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 9 on YouTube

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 9 on Facebook

Original air date November 3, 2017

Tomar & the FC's

On episode 8 of Michaux TV we bring you raw, hard-hitting SOUL straight outta the 1960s! Tomar & The FCs dig in deep and light us up with searing vocals & real deal OLD SCHOOL R&B performance! First we bring you “I Understand You,” a deeply heartfelt love song that tells the hard truths of relationships, inspiring hope of keeping them together. The next tune, “Do You Feel It,” is an uptempo feel-good R&B number that is sure to get you out on the dance floor. Lastly we have the blazing “Foot Down”! If you’re not dancing yet, please check your pulse! Michaux interviews Tomar and the FCs, hearing Tomar's story about growing up in Las Vegas and Austin singing with his family soul band.

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 8 on YouTube

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Original air date October 13, 2017

Rochelle & The Sidewinders 

On this 7th episode of Michaux TV we bring you a special tribute to CLASSIC SOUL MUSIC! First Michaux and Perry Lowe revive the Timmy Thomas socially conscious hit, "Why Can't We Live Together," with a silky smooth studio band! Next, award-winning Austin, Texas blues band Rochelle & The Sidewinders serve up a soulful, stirring and refreshing female take on James Brown's "It's a Man's Man's Man's World." Finally, we jump out of our seats with the groovin', uptempo tribute to Junior Walker's "Shake And Fingerpop"! Michaux interviews Rochelle and the band to find out how they started, winning awards, and where you can go check out their live shows in Austin, Texas.

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 7 on YouTube

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 7 on Facebook

Original air date September 22, 2017

D-Soul Davis

In this episode we bring you a colorful throwback performance from awesome R&B crooner D-Soul Davis! His retro style hearkens back to the 1960's, when soul music was at its peak. Sit back and enjoy the old-school vibe as he brings you "Don't Change Your Mind," a future retro classic. The heart-wrenching "Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore," lives up to its name with real sincere pain, as a deeply-felt R&B song should be delivered. Lastly we bring you "In The Name Of Love," an upbeat R&B tune that inspires us to come together in these desperate dark times in the world. Stay tuned as Michaux interviews D-Soul Davis as he tells of growing up listening to old records and talks about how he is working to inspire and bring up other musicians with him along his creative musical journey.

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 6 on YouTube

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 6 on Facebook

Original air date September 1, 2017

Michaux interview- Boogaloo

We are super excited to bring you this very special episode of Michaux TV featuring funk music from Boogaloo! Michaux is interviewed by journalist Steve Guzman, giving you the scoop on what inspired him to create Michaux TV, discussing his inspiration from Daryl Hall - Live from Daryl's House, working with Wah Wah Watson, and his Marvin Gaye tribute record. Also, his passion for black music history, the neo soul era, recording philosophy, state of the music industry, and a challenge to go out and support black music legends who are still out playing live music!

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 5 on YouTube

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 5 on Facebook

Original air date August 11, 2017

Perry Lowe

For our fourth episode of Michaux TV, we bring you Perry Lowe, a smoooooooth R&B singer who drips with REAL SOUL!!!! Perry's music is reminiscent of 80's and 90's R&B legends such as Alexander O'Neal. Also featured is Michaux singing his original funk song "Resti 2 tion." Stay tuned as Michaux interviews Perry about his music, songwriting, and the Preston Lowe Scholarship Fund.

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 4 on YouTube

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 4 on Facebook

Original air date July 21, 2017

Micah Shalom & The Babylonians

We are very excited to share with you the super funky & smooth sounds of Micah Shalom & The Babylonians!  Layin' down killer Roots Reggae, and Afro-Beat / Funk grooves, this super tight band will inspire you to go up another level.  Their peace and love, anti war message is very timely and their energy is so contagious! 

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 3 on YouTube

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 3 on Facebook

Original air date June 30, 2017

Tyrus Walker

Michaux sings "You Are So Beautiful," made famous by Joe Cocker in 1975, and Ella Fitzgerald's version of "Summertime," also famously covered by Norah Jones, Joss Stone, Janis Joplin, LeAnn Rimes, and Nina Simone.

We feature Tyrus Walker, a soulful singer/songwriter from Mississippi. His debut with us serves up a gut-punch, heart-wrenching song that simply "tells the truth" ending with a wailing guitar solo that is just so right!

Be sure to watch until the end for Tyrus' very interesting and educational stories of Black Music History from the South, turn of the century era!!

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 2 on YouTube

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 2 on Facebook

Original air date June 9, 2017

Michaux & Boogaloo

In this episode we bring you the sweet and sultry voice of Michaux combined with the funky grooves of the Boogaloo band.  Michaux sings a tribute to Marvin Gaye's song "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)" from Michaux's album "What's Going On... Still", and Boogaloo performing the instrumental funk songs "The Low Down" and "Caffeine Overdose". In addition, Michaux interviews Boogaloo's band leader Ari Dvorin about the songs and his life as a musician.  Enjoy!

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 1 on YouTube

Watch Michaux TV Season 1 Episode 1 on Facebook

Original air date May 19, 2017

Austin, Texas Soul Singer  MICHAUX Launches Internet Based Concert Performance Programming - MICHAUX TV

MICHAUX TV Represents The Retro-fied Future of Live Music Television—New program features intimate performances, vintage vibe, and great sound—

“MICHAUX TV is a vibrant and much-needed artist showcase that shifts the focus of discovering new music from deceiving music videos and studio-tweaked tracks to real deal live presentation in a colorful throwback setting.”

- A. Scott Galloway, Music Journalist & album liner notes writer for Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, The Isley Brothers, The Temptations, Sly & The Family Stone, Donny Hathaway, Quincy Jones, Kool & The Gang, Ohio Players, The Meters

 AUSTIN, TEXAS (PRWEB) July 19, 2017  – Soul Singer, Songwriter, Recording Engineer, Producer and learned music enthusiast Michaux (pronounced “me–show”) is in the midst of launching an intimate and engaging new live music show called “MICHAUX TV.” Inspired by Hall & Oates lead singer Daryl Hall’s successful TV program “Live from Daryl’s House” emanating out of Philadelphia, Austin, Texas-based “MICHAUX TV” presents a platform for living room-like live performance coupled with thoughtful conversation that flows very much like breaking bread over a stone soul kitchen table.

Every three weeks on Friday afternoons, “MICHAUX TV” features performances by Michaux and his band, as well as performances by a special guest ranging from local Austin sensations to unique musicians from around the globe. The program educates as it entertains - always steeped in the authenticity and history of culture-rich Soul Music - past and present. When watching “MICHAUX TV,” time stops and transports you back to the golden era of PBS-derived music shows such Ellis Haizlip’s deeply missed “Soul,” “Soundstage” and, to some kindred extent, “Austin City Limits.”

Austin-native Michaux is a “retro throwback authenticist” – a proud white soul singer obsessed and entrenched in the depth, sense of purpose and sensual vibrations of Soul Music at its `60s/`70s peak, laid down by masters such as Al Green, Curtis Mayfield and, his favorite, Marvin Gaye. Raised up in church singing in a soul-inspired style, Michaux has recorded two acclaimed CDs: his self-penned debut Just MichauX and his follow-up tribute to Gaye, What’s Going On … Still … , which Marvin’s widow, Janis Gaye, highly praised as “an album done with respect, love, honor and integrity.” That vibe also informs “MICHAUX TV.”

Michaux muses, “When Soul, Funk and R&B music came alive in the `60s and `70s, they transcended perceived racial and cultural divides, bringing people together through the power of the greatest music ever written, recorded and performed. Our goal is to perpetuate the original vibe of that music, and its messages of love, unity and harmony, with a fanatical focus on high quality video and sonics.” “MICHAUX TV” is free to see from the comfort of your home on your computer or TV or on-the-go on your/laptop, smart phone or tablet - any Internet video streaming device via YouTube or Facebook. Check for programming schedule, news and updates.


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